Student Attendance Management System


Student Attendance Management System

Abstract of Student Attendance Management System

The student attendance management system is an automated system that gets roll no according to the data given by the student. The main requirement of the application is to provide the details of student roll no, period details about attendance. Then the application generates the attendance report of students.

Through this project, we can maintain all the records such as name, roll no, class, subject details of every student. This system helps to access the database every day, week, or month and gives them a friendly interface to access the report. Using this software the time maintenance and record maintenance can be done easily.

The main objectives are to maintain all the records of attendance with the secured data flow. Here administrator using the software will get the login form for authenticating the username and password. After authentication is successful then the administrator accesses the “Attendance Generator” software.

Now a day’s technology eventually means “computer” which is the greatest achievement of the last century. Today computers are being used in every area because of their features like ease of use, ease of learning, the greater accuracy with the least time consuming, and the last but not least i.e. ease of maintenance with cost-effectiveness.

Introduction to Student Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System is a software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges, and institutes. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class. The information is sorted by the operator, which will be provided by the lecturer or teacher for the particular class. This will also help in evaluating the attendance eligibility criteria of the student for exams.

As for system development and implementation is concerned, it should help teachers or lecturers in managing their student attendance systematically. The system must have a database that contains a student or student information and it must help the lecturer or teacher to manipulate data, update the database, alert the manager as and when needed.

Problem Definition

This project is aimed to replace the traditional method of the attendance management system. This project is developed mainly to administrate student’s attendance. The purpose of the project entitled “Student Attendance Management System” is to develop a computerized attendance system that is user-friendly, simple, fast, and cost-effective. It deals with the collection of student’s information, class and subject details, etc. Traditionally, it was done manually. The main function of the system is to register and store student details and retrieve these details as and when required.

Benefits of Student Attendance Management System

Forget the roll book

The roll book in which the teacher took attendance traditionally in school can be easily abandoned with the help of this computerized system. It saves a huge amount of teachers’ time, while also prevents the chances of false attendance. The management system will assume that all students are present so that the teacher has to mark only the who are absent.

Enhancing the punctuality

Punctuality is often absent in primary schools and even in some higher schools. Today many students have the tendency of coming late to classes. It is said that a child that comes late missed a huge percentage of the class each day. Which leads to a huge amount of loss. Some student attendance system allows the school to record for late attendance. This system reports total hours and minutes a student has missed at any given point in time.

Automatic text to families

Some systems designed in such a way so that it can send an automatic text to families when their students are absent.

Printing the required data

The student attendance system can print the required data for various attendance books that the school has to fill. The job of data entry doesn’t take much time, and on the other hand, once the data is entered report can be taken at any time.

Hardware Requirements for Student Attendance Management System

The minimum hardware required for the development of this project are:

RAM:           2 GB (Minimum)

Hard Disk:   50 GB or More

Processor:    Intel Pentium 4 and above

Software Requirements for Student Attendance Management System

Minimum software platforms required for the effective operation of the project

Operating system:   Windows XP or above version

Environment:           Apache 2.2

Front-End:               MySQL

Web-Technology:    PHP

Application: Xampp

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