Online Accommodation System Free Project Source Code in PHP


Online Accommodation System Free Project Source Code in PHP


This report will talk about our project proposal of an Online Accommodation System by firstly talking about why and how we will use a database, then describing the project, its limitations, and requirements, and finally, the ER diagrams will be given.

In the next phases, we are planning on delivering a design report which includes the database, the software, and the user interface and the final report will be on our demo.

Why/How do we use a database?

This project aims to serve a platform that brings house owners and tenants together. This means that a huge amount of information needs to be stored and secured. We need to create a pool of information that will be used for this purpose and databases are the most proper way to accomplish this goal. Therefore, the design of the database system that we will implement is a vital issue.

The database should contain information about rentals, the owner of the house, and guests. The interaction between those subjects should also be included in the database system.

Description of Online Accommodation System Free Project Source Code in PHP

An online accommodation system helps you find places to rent and stay from all around the world. In the accommodation system, there are users who search for a house/apartment to stay in and users who also rent their houses/apartments. To discard confusion, we will call the users who find and rent the houses as guests and who owns the houses as hosts. Hosts can also be guests and they are able to edit and add/remove their houses to make deals.

The system will provide a search mechanism for the users to find and reserve houses according to the location and the status of the house at a specified date. Furthermore, they can sort houses according to their ratings and view house photos. The guests can also ask questions to the host via message and add the house to the wishlist section for tracking information about the houses that customers want. There will be a different panel for hosts that enables them to edit their houses’ attributes and keep track of the guests’ status.

Hosts will be able to rent their entire houses or a private room in the house or a shared room. Hosts are meant to enter the information about the house and utilities that a house provides. Also, hosts will assign some due dates for guests to renounce their stay without paying money.


The database system holds data such as houses’ facilities. Furthermore, users’ information which includes id and passwords will be stored. The messages between the users will be kept in the database. Since the database management systems are used to store information faster and more secure, we intend to implement a database management system to make an interaction between database and application. Different kinds of programming languages can be used to access and update databases like C#, Java, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Firstly, we differentiate the quest’s and the host’s abilities even though they are both treated as a user in the database. The customers need the ability to create, access, edit, and delete their profiles, make, cancel, and view reservations. Also can add a house to their wish list, send a message to the host, and rate hosts and houses.

We will offer hosts to rent someone else’s house with the same account. Therefore, the hosts have the same opportunities as customers. Apart from these abilities, hosts should be able to add houses, cancel the reservation made to their houses. Also should be able to change the information about their houses. The hosts can also rate the customers in addition.

Requirements of Online Accommodation System Free Project Source Code in PHP

The search and sorting must be efficient since searching is the base of an accommodation system.

The system needs to be both user-friendly and appealing to the user.

Since the system contains information about both customers and hosts there must not be any security issues. 

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