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At, we understand the critical importance of final-year projects in shaping your academic and professional journey. We offer dedicated support for BE, B.Tech, MCA, BCA, Diploma, M.Sc, and B.Sc students to ensure you successfully complete your projects with confidence.

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Final Year Projects List

Plant Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)Click Here to Download
Salary Prediction End-to-End Machine Learning ProjectClick Here to Download
Gesture and Voice-Control Based Virtual Mouse Using Machine LearningClick Here to Download
Facial Expression Recognition Using Convolutional Neural NetworksClick Here to Download
Heart Attack Risk Prediction Using Machine LearningClick Here to Download
General Disease Prediction Using Machine LearningClick Here to Download
Stock Portfolio Optimization for Retail InvestorsClick Here to Download
Deep Learning Based Automatic Image Captioning App using FlaskClick Here to Download
Market basket analysis Using RClick Here to Download
Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine LearningClick Here to Download
Checking Password Strength Using Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceClick Here to Download
Artificial Intelligence based Conversational Voice-Controlled AppClick Here to Download
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based Cat Image ClassificationClick Here to Download
Influent And Effluent Parameters Prediction In A Wastewater Treatment PlantClick Here to Download
Fake Product Review Detection and Monitoring using NLPClick Here to Download
Face Detection and Recognition Web AppClick Here to Download
Early Disease Prediction AppClick Here to Download
Multi-label Image ClassifierClick Here to Download
Deep Learning Approach to Crypto Currency Price PredictorClick Here to Download
Detecting people Voilating Covid NormsClick Here to Download
Music Genre Detection and ClassificationClick Here to Download
Artificial Intelligence based examination and evaluation systemClick Here to Download
Virtual Trial Room – Attire Fit-InClick Here to Download
Malaria Detection Using Deep Learning TechniquesClick Here to Download