Civil Engineering VTU CBCS Notes



Civil Engineering VTU CBCS Notes

Civil Engineering VTU CBCS Notes

This portal is designed to provide quality study materials such as notes, question papers, seminar topics, free projects. You can download the free source code of the mini-project and final year projects. Students can access VTU result, exam time table, circulars, notifications, etc. In this portal, you can download Civil Engineering VTU CBCS notes.

Click Here for 2018 Scheme Civil Engineering VTU CBCS Notes

Follow the below links to download the 2017 and 2015 scheme VTU CBCS Notes

Semester 3 VTU CBCS Scheme Notes

17MAT31 / 15MAT31 – Engineering Mathematics – III (Engg Maths -3 Notes)

17CV32 / 15CV32 – Strength of Materials (SOM VTU CBCS Notes Download)

17CV33 / 15CV33 – Fluid Mechanics (FM VTU CBCS free Notes Download)

17CV34 / 15CV34 – Basic Surveying (BS Free VTU CBCS Notes Download)

17CV35 / 15CV35 – Engineering Geology (EG VTU CBCS Notes Download for free)

17CV36 / 15CV36 – Building Materials and Construction (BMC VTU CBCS Notes Download)

Semester 4 VTU CBCS Scheme notes

17CV42 / 15CV42 – Analysis of Determinate Structures (ADS free VTU notes)

17CV43 / 15CV43 – Applied Hydraulics (AH VTU CBCS notes download)

17CV44 / 15CV44 – Concrete Technology (CT free VTU CBCS notes download)

17CV45 / 15CV45 – Basic Geotechnical Engineering (BGE VTU CBCS notes)

17CV46 / 15CV46 – Advanced Surveying (AS civil Engg. CBCS notes for free)

Semester 5 VTU CBCS Scheme Notes

17CV51 / 15CV51 – Design of RC Structural Elements (DRCSE Module wise notes download)

17CV52 /15CV52 – Analysis of Indeterminate Structures (AIS VTU CBCS notes for free)

17CV551 / 15CV551 – Air pollution and Control VTU CBCS Notes

17CV54 / 15CV54 – Computer-Aided Building Planning and Drawing (CABP & D VTU notes)

17CV53 / 15CV53 – Applied Geotechnical Engineering (AGE notes download for free)

17CV552 / 15CV552 – Railways Harbour Tunneling and Airports (RHT & A notes download)

17CV553 / 15CV553 – Masonry Structures (VTU CBCS Notes),

17CV554 / 15CV554 – Theory of Elasticity (VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV561 / 15CV561 – Traffic Engineering (VTU CBCS Notes)    

17CV565 / 15CV565 – NCC (VTU CBCS Notes uploaded soon)

17CV562 / 15CV562 – Sustainability Concepts in Engineering (VTU CBCS Notes uploaded soon)

17cv563 / 15CV563 – Remote Sensing and GIS (free VTU CBCS notes download )

17CV564 / 15CV564 – Occupational Health and Safety (VTU CBCS Notes)

Semester 6 VTU CBCS Scheme Notes (VTU CBCS Notes uploaded soon)

17CV61 / 15CV61 – Construction Management and Entrepreneurship (CME VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV62 / 15CV62 – Design of Steel Structural Elements (DSSE Civil VTU CBCS Notes Download)

17CV63 / 15CV63 – Highway Engineering (Download HE Civil VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV64 / 15CV64 – Water Supply and Treatment Engineering (WS and TE VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV651 / 15CV651 – Solid Waste Management (Download SWM VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV652 / 15CV652 – Matrix Method of Structural Analysis (VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV653 / 15CV653 – Alternative Building Materials (ABM Civil VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV654 / 15CV654 – Ground Improvement Techniques (VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV662 / 15CV662 – Environmental Protection and Management (VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV663 / 15CV663 – Numerical Methods and applications (VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV661 / 15CV661 – Water Resource Management VTU CBCS Notes,

17CV664 / 15CV664 – Finite Element Analysis VTU CBCS Notes

7th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

17CV 71 / 15CV71 – Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Engineering (Download VTU CBCS Notes)

17CV72 / 15CV72 – Design of RCC and Steel Structures VTU CBCS notes,     

17CV73 / 15CV73 – Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering VTU CBCS Notes

17CV742 / 15CV742 – Ground Water & Hydraulics VTU Notes,

17CV741 / 15CV741 – Design of Bridges VTU CBCS Notes 

17CV743 / 15CV743 – Design Concept of Building Services VTU CBCS Notes,

17CV744 / 15CV744 – Structural Dynamics VTU CBCS Notes

17CV752 / 15CV752 – Prefabricated Structures VTU CBCS Notes,

17CV751 / 15CV751 – Urban Transportation and Planning VTU CBCS Notes

17CV753 / 15CV753 – Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures VTU CBCS Notes,

17CV754 / 15CV754 – Reinforced Earth Structures VTU CBCS Notes

8th Semester VTU CBCS Notes

17CV81 / 15CV81 – Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management VTU Notes,

17CV82 / 15CV82 – Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Elements VTU CBCS Notes

17CV831 / 15CV831 – Earthquake Engineering VTU CBCS Notes

17CV833 / 15CV833 – Pavement Design VTU CBCS Notes

17CV832 / 15CV832 – Hydraulic Structures VTU CBCS Notes

17CV834 / 15CV834 – Advanced Foundation Design VTU CBCS Notes

Download Civil Engineering VTU Question Papers

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