College Database Management System


College Database Management System


In the current college administrative system, all sorts of activities are performed manually. They maintain all sorts of student and college information is recorded manually by using the paper. College Database System is definitely the system that manages and handles the student details and information. In this system, we can easily manage the student details, staff details, subject details, and department details.

The college database management system needs to create the college database to organize student records and other information about the students. How many students registered with the college, and the students of the college can be recognized by their USN.

This computerized system reduces the manual work of the persons in the admin panel and the bundle of the registers that were searched when to find the information of a previous student. Through this, you can check the personal details of all the current students within a few minutes. The database of the system will help you to check a particular one using a student id. The students of the college will be recognized by the USN.

Software requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP and above version

Front End: HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets)

BackEnd: PHP, JavaScript

Database:  MySQL

Hardware requirement:

System:            Pentium IV 2.4 GHz and above configuration

Hard Disk:       Minimum 40 GB

RAM:               Minimum 256 MB

Input device:    Standard Keyboard and Mouse

Output device: VGA and High-Resolution Monitor

Product perspectives

Manual college administrative system suffered from the following DRAWBACKS,

The existing system is highly involving a lot of paperwork and calculation and therefore may erroneous.

Due to manual nature, it is difficult to update, delete, add, or view the data.

A college has many offices around the world, an absence of a link between these offices leads to a lack of coordination and communication.

A college database has many offices around the world, an absence of a link between these offices leads to a lack of coordination and communication.

Hence the College Database System is proposed with the following

The computerization of the database system will reduce a lot of paperwork hence the load on the college administrative staff.

The machine performs all calculations, hence chances of error are nil.

The student, staff, department information can easily be retrieved and any required addition, deletion can be performed.

The system provides for user-ID validation, hence unauthorized access is prevented.

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