Hospital Management System Free PHP and MySQL Project


Hospital Management System Free PHP and MySQL Project for BE BTech BCA MCA ME MTech Diploma Students

Hospital Management System Free PHP and MySQL Project


In a traditional hospital management system, patients have to visit the hospital to get doctor’s appointments. The aim of this Hospital Management System Free PHP and MySQL Project is to provide an online facility, where patients can get a doctor’s appointment online. This will save patients time and provides timely treatment to needy patients. The administrator is the superuser, who manages all the appointments. He can add and delete an appointment. Patients can request the appointment timing and date according to their wishes. They can delete an appointment if they don’t need that anymore. The project was developed using PHP as backend processing, MySQL was used for database, and HTML with CSS was used for frontend development.

Project Name: Hospital Management System (Free PHP MySQL project)

Technology Implemented: Apache Server

Language Used: PHP 5.62 (Developed in Core PHP) used for backend processing

Database: My SQL (Open Source)

User Interface Design:  HTML (HyperText Markup Language), AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or recent version, OPERA

Web Server:  XAMPP Server

Hospital Management System Project is divided into three modules –

Admin (superuser) Module

Patients (Book and manage their own  appointments ) Module

Doctors Module

Following are the features of the Admin Module

Admin can update hospital information, like doctor details, address, availability of doctors in the online hospital portal. They accept appointments and manage appointments upon the requests from patients.

Following are the features of Patients Module

Patients book for appointments and manage their appointments. They can also modify and cancel appointments. They will go to the online portal to check the availability of doctors. If the doctor is available patients can request an appointment.

Following are the features of Doctors Module

Doctors inform their admin regarding his availability. Then the admin can update the information in the online portal.
Installation Steps (Configuration):

Download and install Apache Web Server on the local machine.

Download and Unzip the file on your local system.

Put this file inside the root directory of the webserver

Refer following steps for Database Configuration

Open PHPMyAdmin in the web browser
Click on the create database option and Create new Database with name hms

Import database hms.sql

Open Your browser put inside the browser


Login Details

Login as admin put inside browser “http://localhost/hospital

admin Login Details: admin/Test@12345

Patient Login Details : Username: and password: Test@123

Doctor Login Details : Username: and password: Test@123

Follow the below links for Project Source Code, Report, and Video demonstration

For project demonstration subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Subscribe. For Source code and report (Paid Service), you can send your details to

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