Blood Bank and Donor Management System – Project in PHP


Download Blood Bank and Donor Management System Project in PHP for BE BTech ME MTech MCA Students

Blood Bank and Donor Management System - Free Project in PHP

The main objective of the Blood Bank & Donor Management System  is to maintain all the information such as,

Name, Address, Blood Group, Age, the gender of blood donors. Different blood groups available in each blood bank with address and Help needy people to get the required blood at the earliest.

This system will automate the offline blood bank management system.

Project Name: Blood Bank & Donor Management System ( Free Project in PHP )

Language Used: PHP for backend processing

Database: MySQL for database

User Interface Design for front end:  HTML 5 (HyperText Markup Language), AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and above, OPERA

Software: XAMPP Web Server for Windows and LAMP for Linux

Visitor Feature’s ( Frontend ):

The front end is a responsive template, Mobile Friendly designed in HTML 5. Easy to use – The system is easy to use by novice users. Blood Donor Registration System – Blood donors can register to the system using the registration form. Blood Group and location-based search engine, Donor Details Information are stored in the centralized machine, Contact us for Inquiry.

Admin Feature’s (Administration Section):

Manage Blood Group(add, delete) – can add blood group and delete blood group from the database. Add and Delete Donor Information – can add  and delete donor information from the database

Enable and Disable of Donors information – can enable and disable blood donor, Manage Website Pages – can add and delete web pages, Manage to Contact us Queries – can reply to messages from donors and patients, Update the contact us Info – can update the contact information of donors and patients and Admin Dashboard – can use the graphical user interface to do all the above tasks.

How to Run Project

Download and install Apache Web Server (LAMP for Linux and XAMP on windows) on the local system. Download and Unzip the file on your local system. Put bbdms folder inside the root directory

Database Configuration

Open the web browser and open PHPMyAdmin in the browser, Create Database bbdms, Import database, bbdms.sql(available inside the zip package), Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/bbdms

For Admin Panel

Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/bbdms/admin

Login Details for admin: admin/Test@12345

Follow the below links for Project Source Code, Report, and Video demonstration

For project demonstration subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Subscribe. For Source code and report (Paid Service), you can send your details to

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