Hospital Management System Free JAVA Project


Download Hospital Management System Free JAVA Project with Source Code for BE BTech BCA MCA MSc Diploma IGNOU Students

Hospital Management System Free JAVA Project


The main aim of this project is to automatize the maintenance and handling of the patient details and billing section in the hospital. This system is developed to solve the difficulties faced in the existing system. In this system, a whole management system is computerized including Employees, Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Bills, and Complains, etc. This system also includes the details about the laboratory checkups.

Proposed System of Hospital Management System Free JAVA Project

In the proposed system, the administrator can add new patient details, delete and modify the existing patient records as per the requirements. The proposed system helps in an easy way of maintaining patient records, billing records and laboratory reports easily. This system will help to automate the processes activities of the hospital management.

Module Description

The proposed Hospital Management system has 4 modules.

1. Administration Module

The administrator can read and write any information related to the patient, doctors, and staff of the hospital. They can also update, create, and delete the record of members as a requirement and implementation plan.

2. Patient Module

This module contains patient records. The sub-modules of patient modules are as follows,

2.1 Inpatient

It contains details of patients’ records, who are admitted to the hospital along with their name, address, disease, medicine given to patients, monitoring period, etc.

2.2 Outpatient

The outpatient (OPD) module contains details of the patient who came for regular checkups.

3. Billing Module

The bill payment report of the patient. This report consists of details such as patient name, charges for different treatments, rooms rent, etc.

4. Lab Module

The lab module is used to generate laboratory reports of patients. Which is stored in the system for future reference and a copy is given to patients for their reference.

Language requirements to develop a Hospital Management System

    • Back End: Java is used for back-end processing
    • Database: SQL Server 2005

Software requirements

    • Operating System: Windows XP or next version
    • SQL SERVER 2005
    • Java JDK (Java Development kit) (any version)
    • Net Beans IDE 6.9.1 for writing code

Hardware requirements

    • CPU: P-IV with 512MHz minimum
    • RAM: 512 MB minimum
    • Hard Disc Space 40 GB


This project will enhance the patients and the hospital to serve more quickly and efficiently. A hospital management system is developed in order to computerize the activities which take more time if done manually.

The hospital management system will enable the patient and hospital staff to make things faster and can get information quickly. If we want any information about the patient, we can access it quickly.

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