Software Developer Recruiting System Free Project


Software Developer Recruiting System Free Project For BE, BTech, BCA, MCA, Diploma, and MSc Students

Software Developer Recruiting System Free Project

1.    Introduction

This proposal document consists of the requirements, limitations, and the ER diagram for a Software Developer Recruiting System database design. The software developer recruiting system aims to provide a platform where companies can publish challenges in a desired topic and software developers can show their skills. While the system provides networking and an opportunity for software developers to prove themselves, it also provides reliable service to company owners before recruiting an employee.

2.    Requirements

2.1.  Users

Users have:

  • User ID
  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Name
  • Surname

There are two types of users: Company users and Software Developer users. Users are able to search for information about companies, questions, challenges, tracks, and software developers. Users can make comments about questions and challenges and communicate with each other.

2.2. Company Users

Company users:

have Company Name, can open challenges for recruiting users. have a profile in which the challenges are displayed. Company profiles also have a Q&A section in which they can answer questions posted on their profiles.

2.3.  Software Developer Users

Scores on tracks, challenges, or questions can be displayed in the developer’s profile. A user can only solve a challenge once.

Developers’ skills related to computer science can be endorsed by another user. Software Developer Users can post related questions on the Company User profile, and Company Users can post answers to the questions.

2.4. Challenges

Challenges have

  • Challenge id
  • Deadline
  • Challenge

Each challenge has a deadline indicated by the company user. The time spent on the challenge affects the score of the user. Submissions after the deadline will not be scored.

2.5. Questions

Questions have

  • Question id
  • Question text

The time spent on a question affects the score of the user.

Questions should be solved with at least one programming language indicated by the company users.

2.6. Tracks

Tracks have

  • Track id
  • Track name

Tracks are the general domain areas that a user selects to specialize at.

2.7. Topics

Topics have

  • Topic id
  • Topic name

Topics are the subdomains of a track.

2.8.  Question and Answers

Q&A posts have

  • Date
  • Text

Developers can post on the Q&A section of a Company profile, Company users can answer on their profile’s Q&A section

2.9.  Comment

Comments have

  • Comment id
  • Comment text

3.    Limitations of Software Developer Recruiting System Free Project

Company users can create many challenges. A user can make any comments.  A challenge cannot exist unless a company creates one.  A challenge should have at least one question and each question is specific to a challenge.

Each question should be asked to implement with at least one programming language. Each challenge is about one and only one Topic. Tracks include multiple topics (subdomains) related to computer science. Each topic is specific to a track.

A question score is assigned after the question is answered. A challenging score is the summation of all the question scores. The time spent on solving the questions is kept in the database.

A Q&A cannot exist unless a user posts a question on the company profile. Company users can have a question pool of their previous challenge questions or add their own customized questions.

4.    ER Diagram



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