Complaint Management System – PHP MySQL Free Project


Download Complaint Management System – PHP MySQL Free Project for BE BTech BCA MCA Diploma and MSc Students

Complaint Management System - PHP MySQL Free Project

The aim of the complaint management system is to provide an automated system to launch complaints. In the existing system, the complaint has to be written on the page and has to be submitted to the higher authority. Here the user can launch the new complaint. He can see the status of the complaint by logging into the system. He can delete the complaint. Also, he can update the complaint. Once the complaint is resolved the status is updated and mail will be sent to the user.  The user can track the status of the complaint by visiting the website.

Project Name: Complaint Management System – PHP MySQL Free Project

Technology Implemented: Apache Web Server

Language Used: PHP 5.62 for backend processing (Developed in Core PHP)

Database: MySQL for database

User Interface Design:  HTML – HyperText Markup Language, AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, OPERA

Software:  XAMPP Server

Complaint Management System has two modules – 

  • Administrator Module
  • Users Module

Features of the Administrator Module

Admin can create a different category and admin an manage the category, Admin can create Subcategory and also, admin can manage the Subcategory.

Can update remark on complaints from users, Admin can create state and also manage the state, Manage users – can manage users from managing users form.

Admin can check user logs from logs dashboard and  Admin change password – can change the password using change password form

Features of Users Module

User Registration – User can register using the user registration form

User Forgot Password – User can reset the password using the forgot password form

After login user can lodge the new complaint and modify the complaint

Complaint History – User can check the complaint history

Profile Management – User can check and update the profile

Change Password – user can change the password using the password forgot page


Installation Steps (Configuration)

Download and install Apache Web (XAMP for windows LAMP for Linux) server on the local system.

Download and Unzip the file on your local system.

Put this file inside the root directory

Database Configuration

Database Configuration

Open PHPMyAdmin in the web browser

Create Database cms

Import database cms.sql (available inside the zip package)

Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/cms

Login Details for admin: admin/Test@123

Login Details for user: create a user using a user registration page

Follow the below links for Project Source Code, Report, and Video demonstration

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