Solution to Python Application Programming Question Paper July 2018


A solution to Python Application Programming Question Paper July 2018 15CS664 / 17CS664 / 18CS752

Here you find the Solution to subject Python Application Programming Question Paper July-2019.

Module 1

Q. NO. 1

a. List the rule to declare a variable in Python. Demonstrate at least three uses of the variable with example (05Marks)

b. Explain rule of precedence used by Python to evaluate expression. (05 Marks)

c. Write a Python program to find the best of two test average mark’s out of three test marks accepted from the user (06 Marks)

Q. No. 2.

a. How Python handles exception?  Explain with programming examples. (05 Marks)

b. Write a single user-defined function called Solve that returns remember and quotient on the division of two numbers accepted from the user. Print reminder and quotient separately on the console. (06 Marks)

c. Predict the output and justify the answer i) -11%9 ii) 7.7//7 iii) (200-70)*10/5 iv) not “False” v) 5*1**2 (05 Marks)

Module 2

Q. NO. 3

a. Demonstrate the use of break and continue keywords in looping constructs using a snippet of code. (06 Marks)

b. Explain string slicing in Python. Show with examples. (04 Marks)

c. Write a Python program to accept a string from the user and display the longest word of that sentence along with its length. (06 Marks)

Q. No. 4

a. List and explain 4 built in string manipulation functions supported by Python (06 Marks)

b. Write a Python program to display the last six characters of the string “Make bay while the sun shines” to the console. (03 Marks)

c. Write a Python program to accept a file name from user i) Display the first N lines of the file. ii) find the frequency of occurrence of the word accepted from the user. (07 Marks)

Module 3

Q. NO. 5

a. What are lists? Lists are mutable. Explain the statement with examples. (05 Marks)

b. How tuples are created in Python? Explain different ways of accessing and creating them. (05 Marks)

c. Write a Python program to read all the lines in a file accepted from the user and print the email addresses containing in it. Assum the email address contains only non-white space characters in it. (06Marks)

Q. No. 6

a. Implement a Python program using Lists to store and display the average of N integers accepted from the user. (05 Marks)

b. Explain dictionaries. Explain with Python programs. (08 Marks)

c. Write a Python program to search for the lines that start with “From” and a character followed by a two-digit number between 00-99 followed by a colon. Print the number if it is greater than 0. Assume any file. (06 Marks)

Module 4

Q. NO. 7

a. Create a Student class and initialize it with name and roll number. Design methods for i) Display to display all the information of the student. ii) setAge to set the age of the student. iii) setMarks to assign marks to the student. (06 Marks)

b. Using the DateTime module write a Python program that gets the current date and print the day of a week. (04 Marks)

c. What are polymorphic functions? Explain with a snippet code. (10 Marks)

Q. No. 8

a. What does the keyword self in Python mean? Explain with examples (05 Marks)

b. Show using Python code how __init__ method is invoked when an object is initiated. Explain its working.(06 Marks)

c. Explain __str__ method with Python programs. (05 Marks)

Module 5

Q. NO. 9.

a. What is the socket? Explain how socket connection can be established over TCP/IP connection and HTTP protocol to get the content of the web document. (08 Marks)

b. Explain the significance of XML over the web development. Illustrate with an example. (08 Marks)

Q. No. 10.

a. Write a note on Google geo codding wen service. Using Python supported libraries. (08 Marks)

b. What is embedded SQL? Explain the importance of the SQLlite database. Write a Python program to establish a database connection to EmpDB and display the total gross salary paid to the employee working in the Quality Control Department. Assume the employee table has already been created and exists in the EmpDB. The fields of employee table are (EmpID, DeptName, GrossSalary) (08 Marks)

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