Python program to check number is Armstrong or not


Python program to check whether the given number is Armstrong Number or Not

Write a Python program to accept a number from the user, and check whether the given number is Armstrong Number or Not

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What is the meaning of an Armstrong Number..?

A number is an Armstrong number when the sum of the nth power of each digit is equal to the number itself. Here n is the number of digits in the given number. For example,

Armstrong Number or Not
Armstrong Number or Not

Source code of Python Armstrong program

num = int (input ("Enter the number: "))
temp = num
cnt = 0
while temp > 0:
    cnt = cnt + 1
    temp = temp // 10
sum = 0
temp = num
while temp > 0:
    rem = temp % 10
    sum = sum + pow (rem, cnt)
    temp = temp // 10
if (num == sum):
    print ("The number", num, "is an Armstrong number")
    print ("The number", num, "is not an armstrong number")


Case 1:

Enter the number: 123

The number 123 is not an Armstrong number

Case 2:

Enter the number: 1634

The number 1634 is an Armstrong number


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