Solution to Python Application Programming Question Paper Jan 2019 15CS664


Solution to Python Application Programming Question Paper Jan 2019 15CS664

Subject: Python Application Programming Year: Jan 2019 Subject Code: 15CS664

Module – 1

Q No. 1.
a) Explain the following i) skills necessary for a programmer ii) interactive mode iii) short circuit evaluation of expression iv) Modulus operator (04 Marks)

b) Mention three types of errors encountered in python programs. Explain the basic building block of python with an example python program to display the format-number (Fn = 22n + 1) for an ‘n’ value prompted by the user. (08 Marks)

c) describe python language support for arithmetic operators. Write a simple python program to calculate student result based on 2 exams. Sports event and activities conducted in the college with the weightage of the activity – 20% and sports – 20% of 50 Marks (04 Marks)


Q. No. 2
a) List and give syntax of all python supported conditional statements along with its usage with an example program to check whether a given number is positive or negative or zero. (08 Marks)

b) Differentiate between argument and parameter. Illustrate the flow of execution of a python function with an example program to convert given Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature. (08 Marks)

Module – 2

Q. No 3
a) Explain while and for a loop. Write a program to generate Fibonacci series up to the given limit by defining FIBONACCI (n) function. (08 Marks)

b) Mention the advantage of continue statement. Write a program to compute only even numbers sum within the given natural number using continue statement. (08 Marks)


Q. No 4
a) Define a string. How it can be traversed through using a looping statement? Write a python program to display the presence of a given substring in the main string. (08 Marks)

b) How computational fault or computational errors are handled in python? Show it with an example python program to copy all lines beginning with vowels from FROM.txt file to VOWELSTEXT.txt file retaining other lines. (08 Marks)

Module – 3

Q. No 5
a) Describe any two list operations and list methods. Write a python program to accept ‘n’ numbers from the user. Find the sum of all even numbers and product of all odd numbers entered in a list. (08 Marks)

b) List merits of dictionary over the list. Write a python program to accept USN and marks obtained. Find the maximum, minimum and student USN who have scored in the range 100 – 85 85-75, 75-60 and below 60 marks separately. (08 Marks)


Q. No 6
a) Compare and contrast tuples with lists. Explain the following operations in tuples i) Sum of two tuples ii) Slicing operator iii) Compression of two tuples iv) Assignment to a variable (08 Marks)

b) Explain extracting data using regular expressions. Implement a python program to find the lines having the ‘@’ sign between characters in a readable text file. (08 Marks)

Module – 4

Q. No 7

a) How class can be instantiated in python? Write a python program to express instances as return values to define a class RECTANGLE with member’s width, height, corner_x, corner_y, and member function to find area and perimeter of a rectangle. (08 Marks)

b) Explain the init and str method with an example python program. (08 Marks)


Q. No 8

a) Define polymorphism. Demonstrate polymorphism with function to find the histogram to count the numbers of times each letter appears in a word and in a sentence. (08 Marks)

b) What is a pure function? Write a python program to find the duration of the event if start and end are given by defining class TIME. (08 Marks)

Module – 5

Q. No 9

a) Explain any two-socket functions. Explain support for HTML using a regular expression with an example program. (08 Marks)

b) Describe the support of security mechanism employed in Internet application with support of API usage with an example program to get four-string and put them in “”. (08 Marks)


Q. No 10

a) write a note on XML. Design python program to retrieve a node present in the XML tree. (08 Marks)

b) Brief on structure Query Language with suitable python program. Explain the function involved in the creation of a database table in python. (08 Marks)

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