Switch Case example in Java – Java Tutorial


Switch Case Statement with an Example in Java – Java Tutorial

Switch Case example in Java - Java Tutorial

Problem Statement

 Explain the switch case statement with a programming example.


The switch case statement is one of the very important control statements in the java programming language.

You can compare the switch case statement with a Menu-Card in the hotel. You have to select the menu then only the order will be served to you.

Here is a sample program that makes use of a switch case statement –

class switchcasedemo 
	public static void main(String args[]) throws java.io.IOException
		char choice; 
		System.out.printIn(" \tProgram for switch case demo'); 
		System.out.println("Main Menu"); 
		System.out.println("1. A"); 
		System.out.println("2. B'); 
		System.out.println("3. C'); 
		System.out.println("4. None of the above"); 
		System.out.println("Enter your choice'): 
		Choice = (char)System.in.read(); 
			case '1':System.out.println('You have selected A'); break; 
			case '2':System.out.println('You have selected B'); break; 
			case '3':System.out.println('You have selected C'); break; 
			default:System.out.println("None of the above choices made'); 

The output of the Switch Case Statement example:

Program for switch case demo

Main Menu

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. None of the above

Enter your choice 2

You have selected B


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