Java the Buzzword – Features of Java


Java the Buzzword – Features of Java – Java Tutorial

Java the Buzzword – Features of Java

Problem Statement

List and explain the features of the Java programming Language. 


Following are the features of Java which make it a revolutionary programming language –

1. Java can be compiled and interpreted

Normally programming languages can be either compiled or interpreted but Java is a language that can be compiled as well as interpreted. First, the Java compiler translates the Java source program into a special code called bytecode. Then Java interpreter interprets this bytecode to obtain the equivalent machine code. This machine code is then directly executed to obtain the output.

2. Java is a platform-independent and portable programming language

Platform independence is the most exciting feature of the Java program. That means programs in Java can be executed on a variety of platforms. This feature is based on the goal – write once, run anywhere, and at any time forever.

3. Java is known as an object-oriented programming language

Java is a true object-oriented language as everything in java is an object. In Java, all the code and data lies within the classes and object.

4. Java is robust and secure

Java ensures reliable code. The data types are strictly checked at the compile time as well as run time in Java. The memory management technique is supported by the garbage collection technique. This technique eliminates various memory management problems. The exception handling feature of Java helps the programmer to handle serious errors delicately without crashing the overall system.

5. Java is designed for distributed systems

This feature is very much useful in a networking environment. In Java, two different objects on different computers can communicate with each other. This can be achieved by Remote Method Invocation(RMI). This feature is very much useful in Client-Server communication.

6. Java is a simple and small programming language

Java is a very simple programming language. Even though you have no programming background, you can learn this language very easily. The programmers who have worked on C++ can learn this language very efficiently.

7. Java is a multithreaded and interactive language

Java supports multi-threaded programming which allows a programmer to write a program that can perform many tasks simultaneously. This allows the programmer to develop interactive systems.

8. Java is known for its high performance, scalability, monitoring, and manageability

Due to the use of bytecode, Java has high performance. The use of multi-threading also helps to improve the performance of Java. The J2SE helps to increase the scalability in Java. For monitoring and management, Java has a large number of Application Programming Interfaces(API). There are tools available for monitoring and tracking the information at the application level.

9. Java is a dynamic and extensible language

This language is capable of dynamically linking new class libraries, methods, and objects. Java also supports the functions written in C and C++. These functions are called native methods.

10. Java can be developed with ease

There are various features of Java such as Generics, static import, annotations, and so on which help the Java programmer to create an error-free reusable code.


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