3D House Computer Graphics Project in OpenGL Source Code


3D House Computer Graphics Project in OpenGL Source Code – 18CSL67

In this project, we will draw the 3D Home. We are using the OpenGL library to implement the project. OpenGL has a lot of inbuilt functions which makes the drawing of any geometric objects quite easy.

Project Description

A Computer Graphics project based on the concept of a “3D House”. This project implements the view of a 3D House both inside and outside of the house. There are 5 components that are placed inside the house they are a fan, sofa, tv, a table, and a teapot placed on the table. The outside of the house has trees and a system made for collecting rainwater(rainwater harvesting). The house is surrounded by a compound wall. The APIs that are used in implementing these components are glutSolidCube(), glutSolidTeapot(), glutSoildCone()… etc An animation has been implemented which shows the rotation of the fan inside the house. Lighting has been implemented by the inbuilt OPENGL lighting functions. Menus have been provided to modify the various features such as changing the background, lighting, etc. This project implements both the orthographic and perspective views. Options have been provided in the menu to switch between the views.

The following concepts are implemented: 1)Rotation 2)Translation 3)Scaling 4)Lighting 5)Mouse and Keyboard interactions.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum hardware specificationMicroprocessor: 1.0 GHz and above CPU based on either AMD or Intel Microprocessor Architecture

Main memory: 512 MB Random Access Memory

Hard Disk: 40 GB space to store the program, images, and reports

Hard disk speed in RPM: 5400 RPM (Rotations per minute)

Keyboard: QWERTY Keyboard and Mouse: 2 or 3 Button mouse

Monitor : 1024 x 768 display resolution (minimum)

Software Requirements

Minimum software specification operating system: UBUNTU 16.04 or Windows

Tool Used: Eclipse, OPENGL Library for X86 or X64 (WOW), Mouse Driver, Graphics Driver, C Language.

Low Level Design

Low Level Design

Results and Screen Shots

Initial View

After Rotating – Polygon
After Rotating – Line Loop


The 3D House has been tested under Windows XP and has been found to provide ease of use and manipulation to the user. The 3D house created for the Windows XP operating system can be used to draw lines, boxes, circles, ellipses, and polygons. It has a very simple and aesthetic user interface.

We found designing and developing this 3D House a very interesting and learning experience. It helped us to learn about computer graphics, design of Graphical User Interfaces, interface to the user, user interaction handling, and screen management. The graphics editor provides all and more than the features that have been detailed in the university syllabus.

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