3D CAR Animation CG OpenGL Project

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Project Description

The aim of this project is to develop a 3D Car Animation using the OpenGL library. This 3D OpenGL Program has so many advanced features in it. We can see below the all features included in this 3D Animated Program.

Features of the 3D Car Animation OpenGL Program:

  1. Start Screen: As you execute the program, the first thing that comes is the start screen where you will see the details of the project. The start screen has the name of the college and the name of the project. It also has user interaction instructions about the use of mouse and keyboard functionality. There is the option of going to the main screen, by pressing the ‘space’ key.
  2. Main Screen: After you get into the main screen from the start screen you will see the 3D Car drawn in blue color. If you press the right mouse button you will get the menu options to select for particular functionality to execute. Details are mentioned in below user interaction section.
  3. Comments: Most of the codes in this 3D OpenGL Program, are commented hence easy to understand the whole program.

User Interaction:

The user interaction is one of the most important parts of any program. This 3D OpenGL Program also has user interaction both using the keyboard as well as the mouse. Below is the description of the uses and functionality of keys and menus in this 3D OpenGL Program.

Mouse Interaction: Press the right mouse button to get the mouse. Following is the menus-

  • Car model mode – This is the default mode of car display which will display the only car.
  • Car driving mode – This will display the driving mode, which includes the long road and green field.
  • Wheel effect – This is one of the finest effects, it will animate the car while it moved as it is moving in the car.
  • Toggle light – This will apply the light effect on/off when selected.
  • Car colors – This menu has a submenu that allows selecting the color of the car. The submenu has the following options – blue, red, green, black, yellow, and grey.
  • Day mode – By default, we have Day mode on, in this project so while in Night mode you can select this to toggle to Daylight mode.
  • Night mode – This menu will let you switch to the Night mode, by showing darkness around.

Keyboard Interaction: Below is a complete description of each key and what they do when pressed.

  • x/X – Rotate the car in ‘x’ direction
  • y/Y – Rotate the car in ‘y’ direction
  • z/Z – Rotate the car in ‘z’ direction
  • a/A – Increase the size of car in ‘x’ direction
  • s/S – Increase the size of car in ‘y’ direction
  • q/Q – Increase the size of car in ‘z’ direction
  • u/U – Camera top view
  • f/F – Camera side view
  • Left arrow key – Move car in forward direction
  • Right arrow key- Move car in backward direction
  • Spacebar – Enter the main screen from start screen / ESC – Exit from the program.


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