18CS62 Computer Graphics and Visualization Question Bank


18CS62 Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Question Bank – VTU CBCS Scheme

Here you can find the important questions of 18CS62 Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) of the Computer Science and Engineering department for the semester-end VTU examination.

Module 1 Important Questions

1. Write the Basics and Application of computer graphics.

2. Explain Video display devices: Raster scan display, color CRT monitors.

3. Short notes on the Video controller, the display processor.

4. Explain Graphics workstations and viewing systems.

5. Explain Input devices, graphics network, graphics software.

6. Write a note on Introduction to OpenGL.

7. What are Coordinate reference frames?

8. What are Primitives and attributes in OpenGL?

9. Explain in detail Line drawing algorithms(DDA, Bresenham’s).

10. Explain in detail Circle generation algorithms(Bresenham’s).

Module 2 Important Questions

1. Explain Fill area primitives and attributes.

2. Explain OpenGL fill area functions.

3. Explain the General scan line polygon fill algorithm.

4. Write a short note on 2D geometric transformations.

5. Derive Matrix representation and homogeneous coordinates.

6. Derive Inverse transformations, 2D composite transformations.

7. Explain Raster’s methods for geometric transformations.

8. What are OpenGL raster transformations.

9. Explain the 2D viewing pipeline.

10. Explain OpenGL 2D viewing functions.

Module 3 Important Questions

1. Explain Clipping: clipping window, viewport transformations.

2. Derive 2D line clipping algorithm: cohen-Sutherland line clipping.

3. Derive Polygon fill area clipping.

4. Explain Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon clipping.

5. Derive 3D geometric transformations.

6. Explain 3D translation, rotation, and scaling.

7. What are Affine transformations?

8. Differentiate Color models: RGB and CMY.

9. Explain Illumination models: light sources.

10. Derive Phong models.

Module 4 Important Questions

1. Explain 3D viewing: 3D viewing concepts.

2. Explain the 3D viewing pipeline.

3. Write a short note on 3D viewing coordinate frames.

4. Derive Projection transformations.

5. Differentiate Orthogonal projections and perspective projections.

6. Explain The viewport transformations and 3D screen coordinates.

7. Explain OpenGL 3D viewing functions.

8. Explain Visible surface detection methods.

9. Explain Back face detection.

10. Explain the Depth buffer method.

Module 5 Important Questions

1 Explain Input and interaction: input devices and client and servers.

2. Explain Display lists and modeling.

3. Explain Programming event-driven input.

4. What are Menus and picking.

5. Derive Animating interactive programs.

6. Write a short note on Logic operations.

7. Explain Curved surfaces, quadric surfaces.

8. Explain OpenGL quadric surfaces and cubic surface functions.

9. Explain Bezier spline curves.

10. Explain OpenGL curve functions.

VTU CBCS Notes of 18CS62 Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV)


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