Here you can download the VTU CBCS 2018 Scheme notes, Study materials of 18MATDIP41 ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS – II Notes.

University Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi

Branch Name: Common to all branches

Semester: 4th Semester (2nd Year)

Subject Code and Subject Name: 18MATDIP41 ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS – II

Scheme of Examination: 2018 Scheme

Marks Distribution: 40 Marks for Continuous Internal Assessment and 60 Marks for Semester end examination

Important topics Topics Covered

Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods: Finite differences. Interpolation/extrapolation using Newton’s forward and backward difference formulae (Statements only)-problems. Higher-order ODE’s: Linear differential equations of second and higher-order equations with constant coefficients.

Higher-order ODE’s, Homogeneous /non-homogeneous equations. Partial Differential Equations (PDE’s):- Formation of PDE’s by elimination of arbitrary constants and functions. Solution of non-homogeneous PDE by direct integration and Probability.

Click the below link to download 2018 Scheme VTU CBCS Notes of ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS – II Notes

M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5, and Solutions


Here you can download the 2018 scheme VTU CBCS Notes of ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS – II Notes. If you like the material share it with your friends. Like the Facebook page for regular updates and YouTube channel for video tutorials.

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