18CS45 Solved Model Question Paper 2018 Scheme


18CS45 Solved Model Question Paper 2018 Scheme

Object Oriented Concepts Semester – IV

Time: Three HOURS [Maximum Marks: 100 ]

Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing ONE full question from each module.


Q.1 a) List out the difference between procedure oriented and object oriented program. [6]

b) Explain function overloading with example [6] OR Click Here

c) Explain how one can bridge two classes using the friend function. Write a C++ program to find the sum of two numbers using bridge function add() [8]


0.2 a) What are static members of a class? Write a C++ program to count the number of objects created. [6]

b) What is an inline function? Write a C++ program to find the maximum of two numbers using inline function. [6]

c) Explain the concept of object-oriented program: i) Encapsulation ii) Polymorphism iii) Inheritance iv) Data initialization. [8]


Q.3 a) List and explain the Java Buzzwords. [8]

b) What is constructor? Mention its types. Explain parameterized constructor with suitable code. (6)

c) Explain the concept of namespaces. [6]


Q.4 a) Write a Java program to sum only first five elements of the array using for each looping. [6]

b) Explain the operation of the following operators with examples. (i) % (ii) >>> (iii) && [6]

c) How to declare one and two dimensional arrays in Java ? Explain with example code. (8)


O.5 a) Write short notes on “this” keyword with an example. (6)

b) Can you overload constructor and destructor ? Justify with suitable program. (6)

c) Explain the Java garbage collector. (8)


Q.6 a) Write a short note – Super keyword with an example. (6)

 b) Compare and contrast method overloading and method overriding with suitable examples. (6)

c) Define exception. Explain exception handling mechanism with an example. (8)


Q.7 a) Explain the packages in /NW with an example. (8)

b) Describe the various levels of access protections available for packages and their implications. (6)

c) Explain the interfaces in in using suitable code. (6)


Q.8 a) Explain the concepts of multithreading in Java. Explain the two ways of making class threadable with examples. (10)

 b) With a syntax, explain isAlive and join() ) with suitable program. (10)


Q.9 a) Write short notes on event listener and explain any two interfaces with syntax. (8)

b) How inner classes are used in Java ? Explain. (6)

c) What is an applet ? Explain the life cycle of an applet. (6)

Q. 10) Explain the following with example.

a) JLabel

b) JTextField

c) JList d) JTable

18CS45 Object-Oriented Concepts Notes

18CS45 Object-Oriented Concepts Question Papers

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