18CS823 NoSQL Databases Notes


18CS823 NoSQL Databases Notes and Question Papers

Here you can download the VTU CBCS 2018 Scheme notes, and Study materials of 18CS823 NoSQL Databases of the Computer Science and Engineering department.

18CS823 NoSQL Databases Notes
18CS823 NoSQL Databases Notes

University Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi

Branch Name: Computer Science and Engineering – CSE

Semester: 8 (4th Year)

Subject Code and Subject Name: 18CS823 NoSQL Databases

Scheme of Examination: 2018 Scheme

Marks Distribution: 40 Marks for Continuous Internal Assessment and 60 Marks for Semester end examination

Important Concepts discussed:

Introduction to “Why NoSQL? The Value of Relational Databases, Getting at Persistent Data, Concurrency, Integration, A (Mostly) Standard Model, Impedance Mismatch, Application and Integration Databases, Attack of the Clusters, The Emergence of NoSQL.”

Introduction to “Single Server, Sharding, Master-Slave Replication, Peer-to-Peer Replication, Combining Sharding, and Replication.”

Introduction to “Map-Reduce, Basic Map-Reduce, Partitioning and Combining, Composing Map-Reduce Calculations, A Two-Stage Map-Reduce Example, Incremental Map-Reduce.”

Finally, “Document Databases, What Is a Document Database? Graph Databases, What Is a Graph Database?”

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