18CS52 – Computer Networks CBCS Notes


18CS52 – Computer Networks CBCS Notes

Computer Networks with subject code 18CS52 are included in the 5th semester of computer science and engineering. Here you can download module wise notes of 18CS52 – Computer Networks subject.

Module – 1 – Application Layer

The notes contain the following points:

Principles of network applications, the web and HTTP protocol, and FTP – File transfer protocol.

Electronic mail on the internet, DNS – Domain name service, Peer to peer applications, and socket programming using TCP and UDP.

Module – 2 – Transport Layer

The notes contain the following points:

Introduction to transport layer services, connectionless (UDP), and connection-oriented (TCP) multiplexing and demultiplexing.

Connectionless transport protocol (UDP), Reliable transport protocol (TCP), Congestion control in the computer network, congestion control in TCP network.

Module – 3 – Network Layer

Contents of Notes:

Introduction to the network layer, forwarding, and routing.

Network layer service models, virtual-circuit networks, datagram networks, Router structure, and components.

Switching, Internet protocol (IP), forwarding, and addressing in the network and IPv4 datagram format.

Fragmentation and segmentation, subnetting, DHCP protocol, ICMP – Internet control message protocol.

Introduction to IPv6, changes in IPv6 compared to IPv4, IPv6 Datagram format, Difference between IPv4 and IPv6, Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 using tunneling and dual-stack approach.

Module – 4 – Wireless and Mobile Networks

Contents of VTU CBCS notes module 4:

Cellular Internet access, Principles of mobile management, Mobile IP (agent discovery, and registration with a home agent).

Managing mobility in cellular networks and Impact on higher layer protocols due to mobility in cellular networks.

Module – 5 – Multimedia networking

Contents of module 5 notes of multimedia and networking:

Applications of multimedia networking, Pulse code modulator (PCM), Types of multimedia networking applications.

Content Delivery Network (CDN), Network support for multimedia, dimensioning best-effort networks, providing multiple classes of service and Leaky bucket operation & algorithm.

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 M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4 and M-5 Another Set M-1, M-2, M-3 and M-4

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