18CS32 Data Structures and Applications Notes


Data Structures and Applications -18CS32 VTU CBCS Notes

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University Name
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
Branch Name
Computer Science and Engineering
Subject Name
Data Structures and Applications
Subject Code
Module – 1
Introduction: Data Structures, Classifications (Primitive & Non-Primitive), Data structure Operations, Review of Arrays, Structures, Self-Referential Structures, and Unions. Pointers and Dynamic Memory Allocation Functions. Representation of Linear Arrays in Memory Dynamically allocated arrays. Array Operations and Strings
Module – 2
Stacks: Definition, Stack Operations, Array Representation of Stacks, Stacks using Dynamic Arrays, Stack Applications: Polish notation, Infix to postfix conversion, evaluation of postfix expression. Recursion – Factorial, GCD, Fibonacci Sequence, Tower of Hanoi, Ackerman’s function. Queues: Definition, Array Representation, Queue Operations, Circular Queues, Circular queues using Dynamic arrays, Dequeues, Priority Queues, A-Mazing Problem. Multiple Stacks and Queues. Programming Examples.
Module – 3
Linked Lists: Definition, Representation of linked lists in Memory, Memory allocation; Garbage Collection. Linked list operations: Traversing, Searching, Insertion, and Deletion. Doubly Linked lists, Circular linked lists, and header linked lists. Linked Stacks and Queues.  Applications of Linked lists – Polynomials, Sparse matrix representation. Programming Examples
Module – 4
Trees: Terminology, Binary Trees, Properties of Binary trees, Array and Linked Representation of Binary Trees, Binary Tree Traversals – Inorder, postorder, preorder; Additional Binary tree operations. Threaded binary trees, Binary Search Trees – Definition, Insertion, Deletion, Traversal, Searching, Application of Trees-Evaluation of Expression, Programming Examples
Module – 5
Graphs: Definitions, Terminologies, Matrix, and Adjacency List Representation Of Graphs, Elementary Graph operations, Traversal methods: Breadth-First Search and Depth First Search. Sorting and Searching: Insertion Sort, Radix sort, Address Calculation Sort. Hashing: Hash Table organizations, Hashing Functions, Static and Dynamic Hashing. Files and Their Organization

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