18CS56 UNIX Programming Notes


18CS56 UNIX Programming Notes

Here you can download the VTU CBCS 2018 Scheme notes, Question papers, and Study materials of 18CS56 UNIX Programming.

University Name
Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi
Branch Name
Computer Science and Engineering
5th Semester
Subject Name
18CS56 UNIX Programming
Subject Code
Scheme of Examination
2018 CBCS Scheme
Marks Distribution
40 Marks for Continuous Internal Assessment and 60 Marks for Semester end examination

Important Topics Covered

Unix Components/Architecture and Features of Unix. General features of Unix commands/ command structure. Command arguments and options.

Basic Unix commands such as echo, printf, ls, who, date, passwd, cal, Combining commands. Meaning of Internal
and external commands. File related commands – cat, mv, rm, cp, wc and od commands.

File attributes and permissions, The ls command with options. Changing file permissions, the relative and absolute permissions changing methods.

Shell programming: Ordinary and environment variables. The .profile. Read and readonly commands. Command line arguments. exit and exit status of a command.

General File APIs, File and Record Locking, Directory File APIs, Device File APIs, FIFO File APIs, Symbolic Link File APIs.

Introduction, main function, Process Termination,
Command-Line Arguments, Environment List, Memory Layout of a C Program, Shared Libraries, Memory Allocation, Environment Variables, setjmp and longjmp Functions, getrlimit, setrlimit Functions, UNIX Kernel Support for Processes.

Changing User IDs and Group IDs, Interpreter Files, system Function, Process Accounting, User Identification, Process Times, I/O Redirection. Introduction to the daemon processes, Daemon Characteristics, Coding Rules, Error Logging, Client-Server Model.

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M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4 and M-5, Full Notes Another Set M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4 and M-5

Click the below link to download the 2018 Scheme VTU Question Papers of 18CS56 UNIX Programming

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