Running Trains Computer Graphics Project Report

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Project Description

The main idea behind this project is to display the working of the train using computer graphics. This project demonstrates the scene in which one train is moving from left to right and another one is moving from right to left. This project consists of three segments the sky, the tracks, and the grass or ground. Both trains consist of an engine and three bogies. We made separate stations for both trains.

Both trains will move at a consistent speed until it reaches specified stations. After pressing the particular keys both trains will start to move till they reach the end of the window. When both trains reach the end of the window the name of both stations will be changed.


Sl. NoDescriptionPage No
1Introduction to OpenGL1
2Flow Diagram3
3Description of flow diagram4
4OpenGL APIs used5
5Hardware and Software Requirements8

Steps to run the Project:

Windows Operating System:

  1. Install CodeBlocks Software: Click Here to understand how to install CodeBlocks in Windows Operating System.
  2. Download and Extract the source code
  3. Click Here to understand how to run the project in CodeBlock software (Sample Video)

Ubuntu Operating System:

  1. Install the freeglut in Ubuntu by executing the following commands:
    • sudo apt-get update -y
    • sudo apt-get install -y freeglut3-dev
  2. Download and Extract the source code in the home directory
  3. Run the project using the following command
    • gcc filename -lGL -lGLU -lglut
    • where filename is the name of  project source code


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