Geometric Operations Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL

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Project Description

The project is entitled “Geometric Operation” using OpenGL. The mini-project is aimed at implementing the skills we learned. This package is implemented to draw points, squares, and triangles. And also allows us to increase or decrease the size of the object; objects can be filled with different colors. We are implementing all operations by using OpenGL.

The OpenGL provides a menu that is pressing the right button of the mouse it will display the menu list and by selecting one of them it will do the respective operation. And in this, we are also allowing the user to draw objects at a mouse point by using mouse functions.

The user can draw an object at any location. Also, one can increase or decrease the size of an object at any location where the particular object is drawn. And also user can change the color of a particular object at that location itself where the user has drawn the object.

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