Cross Road Game Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL

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Project Description

Crossy road game Simulation Computer Graphics Mini Project is to illustrate the concepts and usage of pre-built functions in OpenGL. The Objective of the Crossy Road game is to move across each lane to reach the other side of the road by avoiding the moving obstacles.

The player plays as a character where he accomplishes the game objective. With the use of arrow keys, the character moves in the appropriate direction such as Forward, Left, and Right to reach the opposite side of the Road, which is the main goal of the game.

The game consists of levels, where the speed of obstacles in a set path, such as cars increases as the level progresses.
The player must time movements correctly in order to pass these obstacles without touching the obstacle. We have used an input device keyboard to interact with the program.


Instructions to play cross road game:

The legend for user interaction is as follows:

  • Q/q - To quit.
  • L/l – To go to the next level.
  • Up arrow - To move forward.
  • Down arrow - To move backward.
  • Right arrow - To move right
  • Left arrow - To move left
  • Spacebar - To continue to the next screen.

Video Demonstration



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