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Project Description

In this mini-project (FIGHTER JET), the operations performed by the jet are simulated graphically using OpenGL. Specific functions of OpenGL are used to simulate various operations of the jet.

The perspective concept will be implemented to provide a real-world effect. The fighter jet can be moved towards the required direction. It can be rotated in any direction as well. Various functions performed by jet are bullet firing, enabling a protective shield, can increase the throttle as required. The jet can destroy the objects present on the screen through bullet firing.

By using the keyboard interface, we perform the required action. The various key functions are:

“up” arrow key to increase throttle

“right” arrow key for the clockwise motion of the fighter jet.

“left” arrow key for the anti-clockwise motion of the fighter jet.

“Q” or “space bar” key used to fire the bullets

“S” key used to enable protective shield

“P” key is to pause the action of the fighter jet.

The project, “FIGHTER JET” is designed in such a way that it can be implemented in various fields like the military, gaming, etc. Future enhancements can also be made by adopting new required functions.

Video Demonstration:



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