Car Parking Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL Report

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Table of Contents

Sl. No.ChapterPage No.
1.Introduction to OpenGL1
2.Problem Statement4
3.Design & Implementation6
3.1: Implementation

3.1.1: Keyboard function.

3.1.2: Display function.

3.1.3: Reshape function.

3.2: Design

3.2.1: Initial Scene.

3.2.2: Front View.

3.2.3: Top View.

4.Conclusion and Future Scope12

Project Description

This project will discuss the project to implement Car parking using the OpenGL library. As the OpenGL library has a lot of built-in functions, we can implement this project easily.

The aim of this project is to create a 3-D/VIRTUAL CAR PARK. The viewer is allowed to roam around in the parking area and see the cars closely and drive a car and park it in the car park area. The parking area is surrounded by a number of houses.

First, the coordinates of the car are calculated and then using the OpenGL PRIMITIVES the car is constructed. The PRIMITIVES used are GL_LINES, GL_POLYGON, GL_QUADS, and GL_TRIANGLE.

A display list is constructed for each of these objects. These display lists are used every time a car or house has to be constructed. So, to create the 36 cars in the parking lot the “carr_display_list “ is called 36 times from within a loop and is translated each time by suitable values to place them correctly. Similarly, to construct the houses “house_display_list” is called and is suitably translated, scaled, and rotated to place them properly. For the movement of the camera GluLookAt ( )function is used. The controls are:-

UP KEY – > to move the viewer in a forwarding direction.

DOWN KEY – > to move the viewer in the backward direction.

LEFT KEY – > to rotate the camera to the left of the viewer.

RIGHT KEY – > to rotate the camera to the right of the viewer.

T – >top view.

S – > to move away.

W – >to move near.

D – > to move right.

A – > to move left.

Q – >quit.



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