Twin Cars Game Computer Graphics Project in OpenGL Source Code

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Project Description

TWIN CARS is a simple and user-friendly graphics modeling developed using C programming language and OpenGL library. It is an interesting game which consists of two cars.

Some other features include Menus, Text Fonts. A range of colors and patterns has been chosen.

Some of the options that can be performed are.

It consists of two paths where each path consists of a car.

Random square blocks will be moving on the path with the y axis.

We must move both the cars according to the x-axis using keyboard buttons such as a/A,d/D,j/J,l/L. such that it must not collide with the blocks.

If either car collides with the block the game ends and the scorecard is displayed.

Video Demonstration:



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  2. Vaishnavi

    It is very good project 👍

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