Source Code of Toll Collecting Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL

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Project Description

The main idea behind this project is to display the concept of a toll collecting booth with computer graphics. This graphics package is based on the OpenGL library functions. The programming language used here is C using OpenGL libraries.

The idea behind this project is to display the concept of toll collection booths through computer graphics. This project will include a toll collecting booth where as soon as the car comes the barrier is imposed. This barrier will then be lifted by the user.

There will be a two-way path in at both ways we have at toll collecting booth for both directions.

To open the left side barrier we use to press ‘L|l’ key, as soon as the key is pressed the left side car will move. And in the same way, we have ‘R|r’ key to open the barrier and allow the car to move further.

Video Demonstration



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    For my education purpose I want this full report of this project.please send to my email sir

  2. Sangeetha G

    For my education purpose.

  3. Sangeetha G

    I want source code of this project please send me sir .

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