Aeroplane Crash Computer Graphics Project using OpenGL Source Code

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Project Description

This computer graphics project is implemented using the C language in OpenGL libraries. Computer graphics is concerned with all aspects of producing pictures or images using a computer.

The project DEMOLITION OF A BUILDING BY AEROPLANE CRASH is created to demonstrate OpenGL’s concepts. It encompasses some of the skills learned in our OpenGL classes such as pushmatrix(),  translate(), popmatrix(), timer function.

On the initial screen mini project details like college name, project name, project associates, and guide name are displayed.

The user has to press ‘N” key on the keyboard so that the next screen appears.

In the next screen the aeroplane takeoff from the road. Then the aeroplane flies some distance. Later the plane crashes with the building.

The keyboard event is implemented to handle the key events.

The timer function is used to move the plane and once the plane crashes with the building the simulation completes.

How to run the project:

  1. Install code blocks and freegult in the Windows operating system.
  1. Extract the contents of the zip folder downloaded.

  2. Then click on Aeroplane-Crash.cbp file.

  3. The project will open in code blocks.

  4. Then select the build option from the menu and select build and run.

  5. Finally, select the run option from the build menu.


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  2. Abdul Mannan


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