3D House Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL

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Project Description

A Computer Graphics project based on the concept of a “3D House”. This project implements the view of a 3D House both inside and outside of the house. There are 5 components that are placed inside the house they are a fan, sofa, tv, a table, and a teapot placed on the table. The outside of the house has trees and a system made for collecting rainwater(rainwater harvesting). The house is surrounded by a compound wall. The APIs that are used in implementing these components are glutSolidCube(), glutSolidTeapot(), glutSoildCone()… etc An animation has been implemented which shows the rotation of the fan inside the house. Lighting has been implemented by the inbuilt OPENGL lighting functions. Menus have been provided to modify the various features such as changing the background, lighting, etc. This project implements both the orthographic and perspective views. Options have been provided in the menu to switch between the views.

The following concepts are implemented: 1)Rotation 2)Translation 3)Scaling 4)Lighting 5)Mouse and Keyboard interactions.



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