Visualization of rain water collection CG OpenGL Project

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Project Description

The aim of the computer graphics project is to develop a project in C++ using OpenGL library to demonstrate the visualization of rainwater collection and usage by different components like charcoal, chlorination, turbine, and storage. The project consists of a house on which rainfalls. The rainwater passes through different charcoal, chlorination, turbine, and storage and is thus, reused. The components are implemented using 2D geometric objects (static) and the flow of water is visualized using 2D geometric objects (animation).

Through this project, various stages of rainwater collection and the importance of each stage can be understood easily. Hence, the project can be used as a learning tool for explaining rainwater harvesting.

The following keys are used for demonstrating the project:

Press ‘q’ key to Exit
Press ‘s’ key to Create House
Press ‘r’ key for Rain


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