Super Store Sales Management System Project Source Code & Report

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Superstore is an Indian retail store that operates as a chain of hypermarkets. It is one of India’s oldest and largest hypermarket chains, housing about 150+ stores in over 60 cities and towns of the country. It has a wide range of categories such as Groceries, Clothing & Fashion, Furniture, Electronics, Office Supplies, Cosmetics, Kitchen & Dining utilities, and many more.

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Main features of the Project

  1. Sales Management
  2. Revenue Analytics
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Shipment Management
  5. Category wise Analytics
  6. Advance Records Searching
  7. Advance Reports


  1. Maintains the details of Sales by Store/Region/State
  2. Profits/Sales Analytics
  3. Details of Store i.e. No’s, Region, Address
  4. List of orders which have not been Delivered
  5. List of payments paid or pending to the Distributors
  6. Profit calculation by date/month/season
  7. Maintains the details of product stock.
  8. Track Shipment of a Store Order
  9. The stock that is to buy if quantity goes less than a particular amount and Profit calculation for a month

Technology Used

  • Web Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Database: MySQL
  • User Interface: HTML, CSS
  • Language Used: PHP for Backend


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