Rotating Flower Computer Graphics Project using OpenGL

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Project Description

This computer graphics project is implemented using the C language in OpenGL libraries. Computer graphics is concerned with all aspects of producing pictures or images using a computer.

The main idea of this project is the rotation of the object. And that object is made by the lines only. This project is implemented using – OpenGL libraries and OpenGL functions.

The project is mainly about rotating the object which is made by lines. The lines are placed in some flower shapes. There are constant four lines that are there on the screen and for each ending of lines, we are placed a co-ordinate point. The four coordinate points are joined using GL_POLYGON and each polygon is colored with different colors. The blend function is used to enable the overlapped colors.

For rotating the object we are using mouse function so that by pressing the right key the Menu is displayed, in menu stop, clockwise, anticlockwise, blend, color enable, color disable, increase speed and decrease speed functions are included.

The followings are the keys used to rotate and stop the device.

A or a – keys are used to rotate the flower

S or s – keys are used to stop the rotation of flower

X or x – keys are used to rotate around the x-axis.

Y or y – keys are used to rotate around the y-axis.

Z or z – keys are used to rotate around the z-axis.

C or c – keys are used for clockwise rotation.

A or a – keys are used for anticlockwise rotation.



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