Balloon Popper Game CG OpenGL Project

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Project Description

The balloon popper game is a 2d single-player game that was developed in c++ using OpenGL. The player controls the movement of paddle movement along the horizontal axis (left to right and right to left) using a mouse. Once the ball hits the paddle the ball bounces and moves upward direction based on the angle and popping the balloons.

There are three levels in the balloon popper game.  The increase in level changes the gameplay speed and the paddle size. The goal of the balloon popper game is to pop out all the balloons on the screen by hitting the balloon by ball. After a ball hits the balloon the score will be increased by 1. The score and the game level will be displayed on the screen. Once all the balloons are popped out the congratulation message will be displayed.

The freeglut (GLUT) package was used to design and implement the balloon popper game.

Following are the controls to play the balloon popper game.

Press button is pressed to start the game.

Move the mouse to move the paddle horizontally (left to right and right to left)

Click the right button of the mouse to get the menu.

The menu has two options.

  1. Game level (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  2. Paddle Size (Small, Medium, Large)


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