21MAT11 Calculus and Differential Equations VTU Notes


21MAT11 Calculus and Differential Equations VTU Notes and Question Papers

Here you can download the 2021 Scheme First Year VTU Notes and Question Papers of 21MAT11 Calculus and Differential Equations.

University Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
Branch Name: Common to all branches
Subject Code and Subject Name: 21MAT11 Calculus and Differential Equations

Module 1: Differential Calculus-1

Introduction to Polar curves. “Radius vector and the tangent, the angle between 2 curves. Pedal equations, Curvature, Cartesian, parametric, polar, and pedal forms, and Problems.”

Module 2: Differential Calculus – 2

Introduction to Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series expansion for one variable (Statement only) – problems. “Indeterminate forms – L’Hospital’s rule. Partial differentiation, total derivative-differentiation of composite functions, Jacobian and problems. Maxima and minima for a function of two variables and Problems.”

Module 3: Integral Calculus

Evaluation of double and triple integrals. “Evaluation of double integrals-change of the order of integration, changing into polar coordinates. Application to find area and volume and Problems. Definition of Beta and Gamma functions.” Relation between Beta and Gamma functions, and problems.

Module 4: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE’s) of first order

Linear and Bernoulli’s differential equations. “Exact and reducible to exact differential equations. Applications of ODE’s-Orthogonal trajectories, Newton’s law of cooling. Nonlinear differential equations: Introduction to general and singular solutions; Solvable for p only; Clairaut’s equations, reducible to Clairaut’s equations and Problems.”

Module 5: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE’s) of heigher order

“Higher-order linear ODE with the constant coefficients-Inverse differential operator, method of variation of parameters, Cauchy’s and Legendre homogeneous differential equations and Problems.”

Module wise Notes

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 (Uploaded Soon)

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Here you can download the 21MAT11 Calculus and Differential Equations VTU Notes and question papers. If you like the material share it with your friends. Like the Facebook page for regular updates and YouTube channel for video tutorials.