21ELE13 21ELE23 Basic Electrical Engineering VTU Notes


21ELE13 21ELE23 Basic Electrical Engineering VTU Notes and Question Papers

Here you can download the 2021 Scheme First Year VTU Notes and Question Papers of 21ELE13 21ELE23 Basic Electrical Engineering.

University Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
Branch Name: Common to all branches
Subject Code and Subject Name: 21ELE13 / 21ELE23 Basic Electrical Engineering

Module 1: DC circuit and Single-phase circuit

This module covers, “Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s laws, analysis of series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits excited by independent voltage sources. Power and energy, maximum power transfer theorem applied to the series circuit and its applications. Generation of sinusoidal voltage, frequency of generated voltage, average value, RMS value, form, and peak factors. Voltage and current relationship, with phasor diagrams, in R, L, and C circuits.”

Module 2: Single-phase circuits and Three-phase circuits

This module covers, “Analysis of R-L, R-C, R-L-C Series and Parallel circuits, Real power, reactive power, apparent power, and Power factor. Measurement of power. Generation of three-phase power, representation of the balanced star (3 wire and 4 wire system) and delta connected loads, the relation between phase and line values of voltage and current from phasor diagrams, advantages of three-phase systems. Measurement of three-phase power by the two-wattmeter method.”

Module 3: DC Machines and Transformers

This module covers, “(a) Principle of operation, constructional details, induced emf expression, types of generators, and the relation between induced emf and terminal voltage. (b) Principle of operation, back emf and torque equations, types of motors, characteristics (shunt and series only), and applications.”

Module 4: Three-phase induction Motors and synchronous generators

This module covers, “Concept of rotating magnetic field, Principle of operation, constructional features of motor, types – squirrel cage and wound rotor, slip and problems on the slip, significance of slip, applications.”

Module 5: Power transmission and distribution, Electricity bill, Equipment Safety measures, and Personal safety measures

This module covers, “Concept of power transmission and power distribution. Low voltage distribution system (400 V and 230 V) for domestic, commercial, and small-scale industry through block diagrams only.”

Module wise Notes of21ELE13 21ELE23 Basic Electrical Engineering

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