18CS654 Operating System Notes


18CS654 Introduction to Operating System VTU CBCS Notes

Here you can download the VTU CBCS 2018 Scheme notes, and Study materials of Introduction to Operating System VTU of the Computer Science and Engineering department.

University Name: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi

Branch Name: Computer Science and Engineering

Semester: 6 (3rd Year)

Subject Code and Subject Name: 18CS654 Introduction to Operating System

Scheme of Examination: 2018 Scheme

Marks Distribution: 40 Marks for Continuous Internal Assessment and 60 Marks for Semester end examination

Important Topics Covered:

Module 1:

“What OS do, Computer system organization, architecture, structure, Operations, Process, memory and storage management, Protection and security, Distributed systems, Special purpose systems, computing environments. System Structure: OS Services, User OSI, System calls, Types of system calls, System programs, OS design and implementation, OS structure, Virtual machines, OS generation, system boot.”

Module 2:

“Process Concept: Overview, Process scheduling, Operations on the process, IPC, Examples in IPC, Communication in client-server systems. Multithreaded Programming: Overview, Models, Libraries, Issues, OS Examples.”

Module 3:

“Process Scheduling: Basic concept, Scheduling criteria, Algorithm, multiple-processor scheduling, thread scheduling, OS Examples, Algorithm Evaluation. Synchronization: Background, the critical section problem, Peterson’s solution, Synchronization hardware, Semaphores, Classic problems of synchronization, Monitors, Synchronization examples, Atomic transactions.”

Module 4:

“Deadlocks: System model, Deadlock characterization, Method of handling deadlock, Deadlock prevention, Avoidance, Detection, Recovery from deadlock Memory management strategies: Background, swapping, contiguous memory allocation, paging, the structure of page table, segmentation.”

Module 5:

“Virtual Memory Management: Background, Demand paging, Copy-on-write.”

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