Dora Catch Game Computer Graphics Mini Project Report

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Table of Content 

Sr. No Page No
   1.1Introduction to Computer Graphics1
   1.2Introduction to an OpenGL2
2Module diagram3
3Module Description4
4OpenGL System Calls7

Project Description

The mini-project, ”Dora Catch”, allows the player to play with the objects. The player is allotted a basket and with the help of control keys i.e “a |A” for left movement and “d |D” for the right movement, he/she has to move the basket so as to catch the “Dora’s” i.e the falling objects. The player can also make use of the mouse as a controller. Upon catching a Dora, the player gains a point and this is displayed on the scoreboard. The game has three phases, i.e Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

* Level 1:

At this level, there are three Dora’s that fall at normal speed (Initial speed).

Another Dora called “Buzzy Dora” falls. Upon catching this Buzzy Dora, the player gains reward points.

Upon gaining a total of ten points, the player will switch on to level 2.

If the player misses 10 Dora’s, then the game ends.

*Level 2:

In this level, the complexity of the game increases making the game difficult for the player.

The speed of the Dora’s is comparatively faster at this level.

*Level 3:

This is the final level of the game. At this level, the game becomes even more complex.

The speed of the Dora’s is faster compared to level 2.

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