Demonstration of N Queen Problem CG OpenGL Project

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Project Description

This project deals with the demonstration of the ‘N-Queen problem’. In this project, a solution is proposed for the N-Queen problem. An N-queen problem is basically a generalized form of the 4-Queen problem. In the 4-Queen problem, the goal is to place 4 Queens such that no queen can kill the other using standard chess queen moves. Development of OpenGL program which shows the 3D demonstration of N-Queen problem mapping to solid objects transformations is one of the important applications in computer graphics. It means Rotation, Scaling, and Transformation of 3-Dimensional objects, like spheres, torus, cones, cubes, and octahedrons. It also includes the change of Queen color and rotation, including the 3 ways, like of x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. The above operation can be done using a mouse and keyboard interface. The animation makes the application more interesting, with the arrow keys, move the Queens front and back, and the number keys move the camera. Mouse buttons control the changing of colors, queen size, theme, reset of the camera, and queens including the exit option.

The objective of this project is to solve the N-Queen problem and demonstrate to the user how this program interacts with the system and renders the graphic design of rotating objects with a trail following them.

The other objectives of this project are:

  • It makes use of interactive programming.
  • It provides features of transformations such as translation, rotation, and scaling.
  • It makes use of light sources and uses concepts of orthogonal and perspective views.

The application program developed can be used in various fields as follows:

  • In the Backtracking algorithm, to solve difficult problems.
  • A number of real-time object models can be designed based on this concept.

The various methods used in this project are as follows:-

Controls- The module sets the OpenGL keyboard operations.

Display- The module draws the output on the screen and the functions in it.

Keys- This module specifies the action corresponding to the menu entry.

Mouse Movement- The module specifies the rotation with the mouse and is able to see the menu.

Idle- This module is used to display the object more times using some delay t.

Train- This module is used to make a moving train and robots with features.

Mountains-This module helps the train move.


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