2D Rotation Computer Graphics Mini Project in OpenGL Report

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Content of Project

Sl No Page No
1 Introduction1
     1.1 Introduction to computer graphics1
      1.2 Introduction to an OpenGL2
2 Module diagram3
3 Module Description4
4 OpenGL API’s7
5 Screen Shots12
6 References14

Project Description

Installation of CodeBlocks in Windows or freeglut in Ubuntu Operating System and demonstration of the project. After purchase, you need to send a request for Installation and Setup to mentioning your Order ID and contact details. The project idea is to display different 2D objects. This graphics package is based on the OpenGL library functions. The programming language used here is C using OpenGL libraries.

In this project, we designed Triangle, Quad which is placed in a specific position in a plane, with specific colors, and for those objects we implement rotation.

The operation implemented are:

  • Coloring.
  • Rotation.
  • Size.
  • It also illustrates how to add menus.
  • glBegin() and glEnd() functions can be used to draw the 2D objects.
  • Myreshape function is called whenever the user reshapes the openGL window.

Video Demonstration



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