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Plant leaf Disease detection Project Source Code

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Project Description

In this project, I will discuss how to create a convolutional neural network that will predict whether a plant is suffering from a disease or not.

Different layers and other hyperparameters are used for building, training, validating, and testing the CNN classification model.

TensorFlow and Keras are used to implement this project.

Video Demonstration – Model Building:

Deployment – Streamlit Application


  1. There is a need to increase food production by an estimated of 70% by 2050 to feed an expected population size that is predicted to be over 9 billion people.
  2. Currently, infectious diseases reduce the potential yield by an average of 40%.
  3. Many farmers in the developing world experience yield losses as high as 100%.

Steps to Implement the Plant Leaf Disease Prediction Project

  1. Mount the google drive on Google Collab Notebook and import the data set
  2. Import the required libraries
  3. Visualizing the images and Resize images
  4. Convert the images into a NumPy array and normalize them.
  5. Visualize the class count and Check for class imbalance
  6. Splitting the dataset into the train, validate, and test sets
  7. Performing one-hot encoding on the target variable
  8. Creating the model architecture, compiling the model, and then fitting it using the training data
  9. Plot the accuracy and loss against each epoch
  10. Make predictions on testing data
  11. Visualizing the original and predicted labels for the test images
  12. Deploy the project using Streamlit

Steps to Execute the Project

To generate Model

  1. Extract the contents of the zip folder.

  2. Create a Projects folder in your Google Drive. Within that create a folder named Plant-Leaf-Disease-Prediction

  3. Upload Plant_Leaf_Disease_Prediction.ipynb and Dataset folder into Plant-Leaf-Disease-Prediction on your Google account

  4. Open Plant_Leaf_Disease_Prediction.ipynb in Google Colab.

  5. Run Plant_Leaf_Disease_Prediction.ipynb  to generate the model. The Model plant_disease_model.h5 will be saved in Model Folder on your Google account.

To Run Streamlit Application.

  1. Download the plant_disease_model.h5 from your google account.

  2. Place the plant_disease_model.h5 and into a folder in your machine.

  3. Install Anaconda Python Package

  4. Open the anaconda prompt in the current working directory.

  5. The following commands to generate the requirements.txt file

pip install pipreqs


Run the following command to install the required libraries.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Finally, run the following command to run the Streamlit application.

streamlit run

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